handmade stone baked gluten free sourdough

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Using natural wild levain (sourdough culture) and a base of psyllium husk, flax and water, the dough is fermented for 12-18 hours to allow phytic acid breakdown and real flavor development. The bread is then baked traditionally on ceramic stone to create rustic loaves with appealing crust. We do not use common gluten-free ingredients such as xantham gum, agar agar, potato starch, rice flour or other high-starch ingredients. The bread is made with only 7 simple, organic ingredients, in order of predominance: Spring water, psyllium husk, ground flax, sorghum flour, tapioca flour, natural levain (wild yeast) and sea salt. As a result of slow fermentation, the carbohydrates and starches in the bread are broken down, creating a light, soft digestible bread. The psyllium husk and ground flax act as a digestive aid and provide a soft, chewy texture without gluten or added starches.

Varieties: toasted sesame, rosemary poppyseed, kalamata olive, plain, quinoa amaranth (season specialty: cranberry walnut)